Steel Repairs:

If your shadeport or carport has experienced damage as a result of a vehicle accident, or extreme weather conditions, we can action repairs on site with minimal interference. We can either replace or repair damaged steel components and are able to match any existing design

Net repairs:

Should your net be loose to due to excessive and strong winds we can merely come out to re-tension the net. Alternatively, if your net has been damaged in some way, we can repair nets easily. We remove them from the shadeport structures, reinforce the corners, or sew on a patch, as required, with our double-lock stitching industrial sewing machine. We then refit the net, using high-tensile wire cable (as required). However, should you prefer, we can replace the net entirely and you can upgrade your structure to a new look within a day.


If your shadeport or carport is looking a little tired and the rust is really starting to set in, we offer refurbishment services which include:

  1. Removal and refitment of net (if required)
  2. Removal and refitment of sheeting (if required)
  3. Sanding, priming and repainting the structure

Refurbishment of shadeports and carports is cost effective and time efficient way to give your parking area a facelift

Upgrades and renovations

Is your carport/shadeport just too small for the amount of cars you now have in your parking area? We are primed to extend existing carports, or add design-matched shadeports to your parking area. Or do you just feel like a change? We can remove and replace shadenets with new colours, or we can replace old, rusted galvanised sheets, with new colour-coded chromadek sheeting.

DIY Kits

All the structures listed above are available in kit form to the public, so that you can install yourself. DIY kits are priced either with or without delivery depending on your requirements.


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